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Feeling Sluggish? Low Energy? Eat Unhealthy Foods? Need A Detox? LOOK NO MORE! BODY RESET is an herbal tea made of several different herbs that can assist the body in healing itself and ridding itself of toxins. The flavor is very mild with hints of ginger. For a daily drink, I recommend adding a bit of agave and squeezing a freshly sliced key lime into your brew!

INGREDIENTS: Rumex crispus, Artium lappa, Stellari Media, Taraxacum officinale, Ginger, Sarsaparilla & a whole lotta love!

How To Consume: Brew 1 large tbsp in 24 oz of water (preferably spring water) in a tea infuser (or a tea bag) for at least 30 minutes (over night is even better if you have the time). Drink in the morning before your first meal. Allow at least 30 mins to pass before eating first meal. 

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Body Reset

Rumex Crispus- used for inflammation of nasal passages, respiratory tract and iron deficiency.

Arctium Lappa- aids in treating colds, cancer, stomach & digestive issues. It’s also helps joint pain, bladder infections and skin conditions. Helps to remove toxins from blood.

Stellaria Media- helps constipation, stomach and bowel issues, blood disorders, asthma, lung issues and obesity.

Taraxacum Officianale- improves energy levels; helps to treat upset stomach, gas, gallstones, muscle aches & eczema. Supports liver health and helps to treat viral infections.

Ginger- Assists w/ weight loss, heartburn, clears sinuses, aids in fighting cancer cells, soothes IBS, strengthens immune systems and fights infections.

Sarsaparilla- anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, natural diuretic properties. Highest concentration of iron than any other herb according to Dr. Sebi.